What is cosmetic dentistry?

Each smile starts a new story. Isn’t it time to show the world an attractive smile you can be proud of?

“Cosmetic Dentistry” is a word that is used to define the usage of dental procedures and techniques to improve the look of one’s teeth, smile and face. The focus of any Cosmetic Dental Plan is to modify the teeth in shape, size, color, or placement in order to make your smile more beautiful.

Here we in sai shradha smile dental care make the procedure of cosmetic dentistry painless, relaxed and, memorable for our patients.  We help our patients to maintain their oral fitness.

The procedure of cosmetic dentistry

Pretty much any approach that advances the advent of your tooth or smile may be measured as cosmetic. Whether it is teeth whitening, veneers, or replacing old silver-colored fillings with durable tooth-colored ceramic, if it makes your smile more beautiful, it can fall into the class of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Sunil Kar has a massive variety of cosmetic dental procedures at his clinic when he is planning a Smile Transformation. All of these procedures can be completed speedily in his office.

Cosmetic dental procedures can be used to correct many situations that patients discover to be unattractive. The purpose of any cosmetic procedure is to have a beautiful, natural smile that is healthy and beautiful. Some of the conditions that Dr. Sunil kar is easily able to help you correct include:

Teeth that are too small

Missing teeth

Missing teeth

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